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Axon Cerebrum assures co-timed UHD signal switching

The Ultra High Definition (UHD) signal format requires 4 connections to be made between source and destination and 4 separate routes to be established. Cerebrum enables assured co-timed switching by reducing loading and sending the switching request to the cross-points sufficiently ahead of the switching point. That way, the system has plenty of time to react to the switch.

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Cerebrum monitors all your UHD/4K signal routing

Cerebrum monitors all 4K broadcast signal routing and will indicate if all four cross-points have been successfully made after a switch. In the event of an error, the operator will be alerted. That allows them to send the switch command again or to switch back to the previous source. We believe all options should be open to you, so you can choose which is appropriate for your operation.

The bridge between HD and UHD routing

Most facilities and OB vehicles produce content in both HD and UHD. Using a single interface, Cerebrum can easily and quickly switch between UHD routing, multi-cross-point routing and HD routing (signal cross-point). This means that users are always presented with the same source and destination name whatever format the program is being made in. For example, Camera 1 is CAM1 in all circumstances.


The "always on" control and monitoring system for CTV Outside Broadcasts OB11

CTV were looking for a unified solution for router control UMD and Tally management to provide a simple, reliable and familiar interface to control its most complex hybrid routing system with which the staff and freelance engineers can quickly and easily make daily changes.

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Cerebrum simplifies complex broadcast control & monitoring workflows

  • Perfectly suited to even the most complex production environments.
  • Facilitates multi-device broadcast control and monitoring through a single easy-to-use and customizable interface.
  • Enables efficient control and monitoring for a wide range of devices from different manufacturers and various third party protocols.

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Unsure which third party control protocols are supported? Download the full list of router control and other device protocols.

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It offers a completely centralised interface
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It simplifies workflow monitoring
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It allows for effective tailboard routing
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It's future-proofed to video over IP
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Integrating Cerebrum with complex workflow infrastructures for Arqiva Studios Feltham

Arqiva's London-based facility in Feltham spans multiple HD and SD facilities, studios, transmission, voice-over booths and satellite downlinks. Arqiva use Axon's Cerebrum broadcast monitoring and control platform to monitor the health of 200 SNMP devices, including network equipment, servers, monitoring probes, and video routers.

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Dutch Parliament enters the future with Cerebrum

When the Dutch Parliament looked to install a new broadcast system in their parliamentary buildings in The Hague, there was no opportunity to improve an existing infrastructure - there simply wasn't any. The aim was to create a broadcast infrastructure providing completely autonomous monitoring and management that could be easily altered and updated as requirements evolved.

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