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The challenges in the broadcasting industry are becoming more and more complicated

The lack of universal industry standards and the connection of proprietary tools in a multidisciplinary setting are some of the biggest challenges every broadcaster encounters. Controlling and monitoring all of your devices and developing a smooth workflow becomes more important - and more complex. So the question is not whether or not you face any challenges, but rather:

What is your biggest workflow challenge?

Design your new broadcast workflow with Axon Cerebrum!

Our free, interactive, 1-on-1 online session offers you the opportunity to brainstorm with our best field experts in broadcast workflow management. They will help you design a solution for your challenge using Axon Cerebrum, the industry's broadcast control and monitoring system.

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Dutch Parliament enters the future with Cerebrum

When the Dutch Parliament looked to install a new broadcast system in their parliamentary buildings in The Hague, there was no opportunity to improve an existing infrastructure - there simply wasn't any. The aim was to create a broadcast infrastructure providing completely autonomous monitoring and management that could be easily altered and updated as requirements evolved.

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Located at the heart of broadcast,

Axon confronts the challenges you deal with on a daily basis. Our experts are inspired by connecting a large diversity of different standards and formats and design broadcast workflows that will make your work more efficient and less complex for every operator working in your production.

Cerebrum simplifies complex broadcast control & monitoring workflows

  • Perfectly suited to even the most complex production environments.
  • Facilitates multi-device broadcast control and monitoring through a single easy-to-use and customizable interface.
  • Enables efficient control and monitoring for a wide range of devices from different manufacturers and various third party protocols.

Download the Cerebrum brochure for a full list of features.

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Unsure which third party control protocols are supported? Download the full list of router control and other device protocols.

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